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What’s blocking you from the intimacy you long for?

Take the first step to finally having the joy, freedom and sexiness you long for in your intimate relationships

What’s blocking you from the intimacy you long for?

Take the first step to finally having the joy, freedom and sexiness you long for in your intimate relationships

Create the sexual & relationship fulfillment you’ve always longed for

Weighed down by sexual shame?

Want to explore your sexuality, but not sure where to start?

Want to find your sexual energy again?

Radically love your body in all of its beautiful imperfections?

You’re in the right place.

However you best learn, I have a resource for you.

Everything you need to create the most delicious love life possible.

Watch my 2014 TEDx Talk: Owning Your Sexual Power

Hi, I’m A’magine

Formerly known as Amy Jo Goddard, I’ve been a sexual empowerment coach and educator for over 20 years.

I’ve helped thousands of people improve their lives, boost their confidence, learn the art of asking for what they want, step into their power, learn to radically love their bodies, show up as emotionally powerful in their relationships, rock-star their mid-life with the best sex ever, and put in perspective and practice the very real and important role sexuality was meant to play in their lives.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey of a lifetime.


“A’magine has opened up a world I’ve been longing to enter since pre-puberty and didn’t have the tools to articulate that I even wanted. It removed the shame and embarrassment I learned around having sexual conversations.”


“A’magine will guide you while you do the work. And these wonderful human beings will support you, lift you, and hold you through it all. There is nothing as good as this.”


“A’magine…what you have done here is phenomenal, what you have put together, the structure, the team, the wonderful teachings… I got to SELF LOVE! Thank you for that!!”

My articles on sexual empowerment, relationships, pleasure & desire and sexual politics & culture

sex after divorce

Sex After Divorce

Divorce is a developmental stage of adulthood. Every adult who is in partnership will, at some point lose a partner to divorce or death and will have to find their way again. The question is: What…

Steps to Sexual Empowerment

The 9 Steps to Sexual Empowerment

People are often confused by what I mean when I say I work with people to become sexually empowered and that there are steps to sexual empowerment. Sexuality is so vast that when people want to work…

Sex is a Skill

Sex Is A Skill

Most of us experience fumbly, awkward, unsexy early ventures into the forays of sexual pleasuring with a partner without sex skills. I certainly did. In a culture like ours, where we place so little…

sex coach

What’s A Sex Coach

When I tell someone that I’m a sex coach, they generally find it confusing. Often, I will hear, “Oh, so like, you’re a sex therapist?” Well not exactly. “So then, what is it that you actually…

Am I Sexually Broken

Are You Sexually Broken?

I have been hearing from women over the last several months about this idea that they are sexually broken. And a lot of times they are welling up with tears, and this is the first time they’ve ever…

talk openly about sex

The Secret To Talking Openly About Sex

My path as an educator included earning a Masters in Human Sexuality Education, but you don’t have to go get a graduate degree in human sexuality to learn how to really talk openly about sex. Anyone…

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