Bringing Sexy Back

Recharge Your Sexual Energy & Revitalize Your Sexual Life


So many things get in the way of having the sexual life you desire. It doesn’t have to be that way. After surveying hundreds of couples about the biggest sexual challenges they face, here’s what I’ve heard:

“We don’t communicate about sex because of his lower libido; I’m afraid of bringing it up because it might make him feel pressured and thus turned off.”

“We are both overworked and overwhelmed at work. At night we just snuggle up in bed and fall asleep!”

“I’d like to have a building passion during intercourse. I just get distracted and bored and really go somewhere else during it.”

“We’ve been together for over a decade. I would like to return to the emotional closeness and intimacy that characterized our relationship in the beginning.”

“We are always in the mood at opposite times it seems. And I’m rarely in the mood these days; I have trouble getting out of my head and completely immersing myself in the act.”

“Between kids, aging parents, pets and businesses that need to be taken care of, our time is in short supply. We want more frequent sex and the time and space to be intimate again.”

“My husband has difficulty with orgasm and erections. We’re an older middle aged couple with physical issues that affect the sex. I would like us to be able to enjoy together the entire sexual act.”

Would you like to…

Revitalize the sexual spark in your relationship?

Have more frequent sex, deeper pleasure and more satisfying orgasms?

Have delicious space in your life to relax and enjoy sexual play — free from the responsibilities of work, kids and family?

Be more present during sex?

Explore new sexual realms together with your lover?

Communicate openly and honestly about your sexual needs and desires?

Have more intimacy, seduction and romance with your partner?

This is for you if:

  • You are in a longterm relationship that has lost its sexual spark
  • Libido issues have caused tension in your sexual relationship
  • You feel overworked and overwhelmed, and sex is no longer a priority
  • You find yourself “checking out” during sex and want to be more present
  • Physical issues (illness, injury, aging) have made sex difficult
  • It feels tough to communicate about sexual issues in the relationship without one or both people shutting down, feeling awkward, or getting scared

Are you ready to bring sexy back?

I believe that the more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings. When you work on your sexuality it improves your personal happiness, the connection and intimacy in your relationships, and your overall creativity and fulfillment.

Most people never get quality education about how to have good sex and relationships, and yet these two things determine so much about our happiness and well-being. However, they are rarely taught or modeled effectively! The good news is that they are skill sets you can learn and practice–and significantly improve your life, sexual satisfaction and your happiness in relationships.

Talk About Sex Without Feeling Awkward

Let go of the fear of rejection, the doubt and insecurity that stymie open communication. Create an ecosystem in the relationship that supports you to both be honest and open about your needs and desires. This alone can revolutionize a relationship.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Learn to be more present during sex so you can have more pleasure, ease and connection with your partner — and not be thinking about your to do list.

Heal What You Need to Heal

If illness, injury, or relationship issues–including infidelity or porn–have created rifts in the relationship, heal what you need to heal in order to restore your connection and intimacy.

Learn New Sexual Skills

Expand your sexual toolbox with new techniques and practices that give you and your partner more to explore together. Break out of routine and get in touch with the new things you want to dive into together. It’s endless!

Reignite Your Spark

Turn up the heat with a boost of sexual energy that helps your erotic relationship flourish. Rediscover one another as sexual partners and playmates.

Achieve Work/Sex/Life Balance

Learn to balance your life, work and family responsibilities so that sexuality continues to be a priority. Integrate the learning with daily, weekly and monthly practices and rituals that keep your connection front and center.

What you get:

Five (5) 90-minute pre-recorded video classes with A’magine covering all these:

  • Tending to the Sexual Ecosystem
  • Communicating Sexual Needs
  • Creating Sexual Adventure
  • Addressing the Sexual Drain
  • Bringing More Sexy
  • Active Engagement & Integration

Plus homefun assignments and worksheets to do by yourself or with a partner.

BONUS: Get FREE access to my 3-part video series about pleasure and orgasm for Adult Sex Education month.

  • Part 1: The Journey to Orgasm
  • Part 2: What I Wish All Women Knew About Desire
  • Part 3: More Pleasure, Better Sex, Bigger Orgasms

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I benefit from this even if I'm single?

Yes. This course is designed for both single folks and couples. You will learn about sexual dynamics in relationships and I will also talk about so many things that are about people’s individual sexual journeys. At the end of the day, sexuality is OUR own journey–it’s not about someone else. Yet when we share it with others, it gets complicated. I love when people show up in this work for themselves.

Can I take this course with my partner?
Yes please! I love when partners do this work together–it makes such a huge difference if you can both do it. You get to both show up to work out what’s happening (or not happening) in your sex life, you get to have a shared language about it that you’ll take into the relationship, and create solutions together. I’ve watched many couples come so much closer by doing this work, largely because they are talking about their sex life in a way they never have. The benefits of getting support together on issues you have together are many.
Is it okay to not have my partner watch the videos?
Yes of course! In any relationship there is almost always a leader around sex, which means they might be the one taking more action to correct or improve the issues that are coming up. Often that person goes out and learns and brings back the helpful information to the relationship. Sometimes a partner doesn’t want to come or for some reason cannot, and sometimes you just want to do it yourself for yourself and let your own growth inspire growth in the relationship. Whatever it is for you, you can benefit from this course with or without a partner.
More questions? We’d love to answer them. Send an email to hello@amaginenation.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

So many things get in the way of having the sexual life you desire.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You absolutely can revitalize the relationship and rekindle the sexual spark.

But it doesn’t happen magically.

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