Claim Your Orgasm

a home study video master course to learn orgasm skills and improve pleasure

Orgasm and pleasure are critical. They are our birthright.
They are necessary to live in this mad world.

We were given a phenomenal body capable of ecstatic pleasure and we are meant to experience it and enjoy it.

Yet most people are holding back, stopping themselves from feeling too much, from going to the depths because they are afraid: to take too long, to be too much, to want to much, to be judged for their desires, to be fully seen and heard and met, to be boldly unembarrassed about their pleasure and desire.

Imagine if we could let all of those things go and feel it all.

So many women, including you if you are reading this, are compelled to get to the core of their sexual selves and to live in more bliss and ecstasy. They want to be in their full sexual expression.


“I’ve never had an orgasm. I think I’m broken.”

“I wish I could come like other women seem to be able to. It’s so easy for them. It’s never been easy for me.”

“The only way I can orgasm is with a vibrator and it’s so frustrating.”

“My partner and I just don’t seem to connect sexually. We have differing levels of desire, different ideas about what we want.”

“I don’t have time for sex. I’m too busy…it’s not a priority…it’s a distraction from what’s really important.”

Hi, I’m A’magine (formerly Amy Jo Goddard) and I have been teaching sexuality & sexual empowerment for over 20 years.

As a long time educator on sexuality and sexual empowerment, I get a lot of questions about orgasm – “Have I had one? I’m unsure.”, “Why do I struggle to let myself feel pleasure with a partner?”, “How do I let go and really allow myself to experience sexual pleasure?”

We have a lot of issues about sexuality, orgasm, desire and pleasure. A lot of women are in a lot of pain around these things…and so it becomes easier to push it all to the side and ignore it, or overwork and pretend it’s not that important.

Many of us are feeling the heaviness of our world right now and it’s easy to decide that we have more pressing things to do than have fun, play, pleasure or sexy times. Critical times lead to overwork or the feeling that we can’t pause to have fun or do things that might feel “frivolous.”

If it were frivolous, we would not be conflicted about it.
Our wanting is real.

It’s time to learn how to break through orgasmic blocks and experience more ecstasy in your life.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have deeper orgasms and expand your orgasmic potential.
  • Get out of your head and be more present sexually.
  • Learn to let go and really enjoy sex the way you’ve always wished you could.
  • Get all your embarrassing questions about your body answered.
  • Talk about what you like and don’t like more confidently with your partner(s).
  • Know your true sexual power and feel agency over your own pleasure and sexuality.
When you fully tap into your sexual agency and power you reconnect to your wildness and true freedom.

Enter CLAIM YOUR ORGASM – a home study video course that will teach you orgasm skills and improve your pleasure

CLAIM YOUR ORGASM is a five-module video mastercourse, 21 videos that will take you on a deep dive into Pleasure, Orgasm, Desire, Arousal & Sexual Communication


  • In-depth teaching videos, assignments and live demonstrations on the four essential tools of orgasm
  • Guidance on how to create a custom sexual practice that will create more embodiment and help you maintain your sexuality as a priority
  • A special instructional video on how to have a Firebreath Orgasm
  • In-depth anatomy teachings that go far beyond what you ever learned in a health class
  • Advanced techniques on how to pleasure yourself or someone else with a vulva and new updated videos on special topics
  • Foundational teachings on desire, sexual response, fantasy and sexual communication—Including how to bring up sensitive topics outside the bedroom, AND how to give feedback in the heat of the moment

Module 1: The Four Tools of Pleasure

  • Develop the essential foundations of orgasm and pleasure
  • Practice ecstatic breathwork, Firebreath Orgasm and other tantric practices with videos of women demonstrating a variety of techniques and skills that will enhance everything you do sexually.
  • Includes 9 videos

Module 2: Anatomy of an Orgasm

  • Maximize your self-knowledge so you can experience more pleasure and ecstasy in your body
  • Learn how to use your full sexual anatomy to create more pleasure
  • Develop your understanding of the Me-Spot, female ejaculation, and female erections.
  • Includes 2 videos

Module 3: Desire & Sexual Response

  • Learn to distinguish between two types of desire
  • Identify your own desire blueprint
  • Understand how your own sexual arousal works and approaches that make sense for you
  • Figure out what you desire and how to determine what turns you on
  • Includes 3 videos

Module 4: Partner Sex & Communication

  • Create sexual check-in practices that make sex easy to talk about
  • Discover new ways to negotiate your sexual needs with your partner
  • Understand the phenomenon of “sexual spectatoring” and develop your ability to be more present with yourself and your lover(s)
  • Includes 3 videos

Module 5: Sexual Skills & Tools for Increased Pleasure

  • Develop advanced skills for how to please a vulva
  • Learn how to use sexual accouterments to increase your enjoyment and potential in sex
  • Create self-pleasuring practices that will help you create sustainable pleasure and a sexual life with or without a partner.
  • Includes 2 videos

Teresa says...

“Coming out of the program, I am free… to be me… authentically in pride and ecstasy. To all the women who are considering doing this work, you won’t regret it! You deserve it, and owe it to yourself; you will step out of this work renewed!!”

J.B. says...

“Before I started this work I was feeling very stuck and trapped in my sexuality. Now having done Amy Jo’s program, I am joyful, full of life and connected. I feel like I’ve gotten my groove back—and then some! For the first time in my life, I have a healthy relationship to sex. To any woman considering this work, don’t hesitate: say yes!”

Chris says...

“This program has given me freedom from old shame about my body. This work has taught me that I can really push my edges and experience profound new ways of being. I feel awake, alive, finally creating the relationships and life I really want to live in. If you are even looking at this website, then this work is for you! Just say yes…”

Who is this course for?

  • Women who haven’t had orgasms or do not have the level of sexual pleasure they want
  • People who are frustrated with their level of desire and want to build their sexual energy, power and pleasure
  • People who partner with women and want to learn how to better please their sexual partners and support them to have more pleasure and to follow their desire
  • People who want a deeper level of intimacy in their relationships and need to develop the ability to talk about and negotiate sex and sexual needs
  • People who are not on the same page as their partner sexually and need to take matters into their own hands
  • People who are orgasmic but want to deepen their experience of their sexuality, body, pleasure and desire
  • People who want to bring more sexual play, practice and presence into their life
  • Anyone who has never had any adult sex education and needs to learn about their body, their partner’s body, pleasure, arousal, orgasm, and desire
  • Anyone who is curious about tantric tools that can help to create more meaningful sexual experiences
When we are IN our power, when we own our agency and take responsibility for our pleasure, we are unstoppable.
We are capable of so many things because we have an internal empowerment and ownership of our bodies and desire that simply cannot be denied.

What I know is:

…Orgasm and pleasure are essential to our lives, our relationships, our creations, our art and our happiness and they are never extraneous. Everything improves when we empower our sexual lives.

…Many people have shame about their inability to have orgasms, about their level of desire or about their experience of sex. The good news is that all of that is changeable.

You can change it right now by getting the adult sex ed you never got, developing new skill sets that will enhance your sexual life, implementing new practices, rituals and tools that will change your experience of sex, and create more potential and sustainable pleasure.

Join me for Claim Your Orgasm and you will get all of that—and so much more.
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