Access some of A’magine’s powerful masterclasses on-demand with topics ranging from pleasure, sexual empowerment, orgasm, sex & money, and more coming soon! Watch this space!

Pleasure Activation

21 Days To Pleasure & Intimacy Activation


Pleasure is essential.

This is a daily audio course where each day I will present a new activation for how to experience pleasure and intimacy so you can accept our current world or whatever world you find yourself living in without sacrificing the joy you get to have each and every day.

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass

Your Best Sexual Year Yet


Every New Year for the past ten years, I’ve offered a virtual workshop and ritual to support people around the globe to manifest the sexual life they dream of in the New Year. It’s a luscious and exciting way to step into the new year, dreaming about the kinds of relationships, quality of intimacy, and sexual experiences you want to create.

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass

Pleasure & Orgasm Breakthrough Masterclass

Instant Access Orgasm Masterclass with A’magine

Because orgasms can change the world.

Let’s face it, in this day and age when so many awful things are happening in the world on the regular, it can be easy to cast sex and pleasure aside.

Why wouldn’t we? Our culture devalues sex and deals with it all backwards.

Learning to receive pleasure and experience orgasm is…

Pleasure & Orgasm Video Masterclass

10 Ways of the Sex & Money Connection

Instant Access Sex & Money Masterclass with A’magine

Jumpstart Your Sexual Battery & Fuel Your Financial Prosperity

The two biggest taboos… sex & money.
And also, the two sources of transformation.

Do you long for more fulfillment sexually and more freedom financially?

Do you feel stuck in patterns of unworthiness…

“A’magine’s enthusiasm and warmth are infectious. I hosted two workshops with A’magine, and both were great successes because of the eclectic crowd that she drew and the conversations that emerged. She can convince anyone to speak openly about challenging issues, and do so in a way that makes them forget that subjects like sex or body image are often uncomfortable. Given her ability to put people at ease, the honesty and depth that emerges in her workshops is extraordinary. She tackled hard issues with grace and humor, and I knew after our first workshop that we had to invite her for a second round.”



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