Fire Woman Program

Are you ready to explore your sexuality in a way you never have before?

Do you feel like you have never had the sexual fulfillment, pleasure and orgasms you truly want?

Does your life feel lackluster, like it’s missing the spark that would propel you to a whole new place of living vibrantly and in total freedom?

Do you want deeper intimacy, brighter passion, and more profound connection in your life?

Do you feel disconnected from your body, your pleasure, your sexuality or your core life force?

Are you ready to explore your sexuality in a way you never have before?

Do you feel like you have never had the sexual fulfillment, pleasure and orgasms you truly want?

Does your life feel lackluster, like it’s missing the spark that would propel you to a whole new place of living vibrantly and in total freedom?

Do you want deeper intimacy, brighter passion, and more profound connection in your life?

Do you feel disconnected from your body, your pleasure, your sexuality or your core life force?

Fire Woman is the Ultimate Sexual Empowerment Program.

Spend the next 9 months birthing the “Sexual You” you have waited for and see your entire life transform.

If you are like a lot of women, you have felt something was missing, something deep and potent that lives in your sexual self. It can feel hard to access or put your finger on, but you know that if you could touch that part of you and know it in a deeper way, it would create more fulfillment, wholeness and freedom in your entire life.
Sexuality is not one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, everyone has common aspects of our sexual nature that require exploration, understanding and expression. When you work on your sexual self in a deep way, you can begin to live the fully expressed and passionate life you were meant to live, a sexually empowered life.

Based on the tenets of her groundbreaking book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence (Penguin Random House), Fire Woman is A’magine’s (formerly Amy Jo Goddard) unique flagship program. It is designed to help you look at all facets of your sexual life in order to heal and create the new sexual passion and expression you most want. With A’magine’s expert guidance in the safe environment of this 9-month experiential virtual program, you will explore the 9 elements of your sexuality and come home to your sexual self.

The Fire Woman program is for you if you want to:

  • feel more playful, confident and light in your sexuality
  • be able to ask for what you want clearly and confidently, without feeling awkward or guilty
  • release sexual shame, guilt, trauma and old beliefs that have been holding you back
  • prioritize your self-care, pleasure, and joy
  • spark your creative energy and vitality
  • explore new relationship styles and new erotic playgrounds
  • deepen the connection between your sexual and spiritual energy
  • be a part of a supportive, sex-positive community of women
    to feel a greater integration between your sexuality and the rest of your life

9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power & Sexual Intelligence

The 9 elements are A’magine’s unique framework of holistic sexual empowerment, as laid out in her book. You’ll take on one element at a time, diving deep through the teachings into shifting that part of yourself, with homeplay assignments, worksheets and personalized rituals that offer you a guided framework to explore the element in your own sexual life. You will experience a sex-positive community of women who are earnestly doing their self-growth work, ready to support you, witness your process and celebrate your growth.

Excavate and rewrite your inspired sexual story.

Make space for the sexual self you’ve been waiting for.

Release your damaging emotional patterns and open up to having more of what you want

Radically accept your body.

Activate your desire & create a sexual practice.

Give yourself permission & develop your REAL erotic authenticity.

Develop new sexual skills & remember how to play.
Build your sexual confidence and come home to yourself.

Nurture and increase your dynamic sexual energy.

Assignments & exercises keep you on track.

This is not a fluffy, inspiration-filled course that lacks practical application: you will get real assignments, exercises and practical TOOLS to keep you on track as you move through each element. This work is rich and so is the structure that will help you integrate the learnings so that your outcomes are powerful.

Examples of the dynamic rituals in the Fire Woman program are:

  • A powerful Ritual of Release to let go of the beliefs, stories, relationships and identities you most want to shed in your sexuality
  • A luscious Self-Love ritual to deepen your masturbation practice and expand your orgasmic capability
  • For partnered women: an intimate Couple’s Reconnection Ritual to give and receive sensual pleasure and deepen your connection

Build community with other women.

What would it do for you to have a community of women with whom you could share your sexual breakthroughs? With whom you could talk honestly about your struggles, celebrations and desires around sexuality? Through a private forum, we foster discussion on the 9 elements and the journey of sexual growth that we are each on. Women bring so many different things to the group and you will see yourself reflected in others, showing you that you are not alone and pushing you towards a greater version of yourself. This is a place where women are in support, and buck old paradigms of competition and scarcity. We raise each other up.

Women most often come to this work in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s–sometimes earlier and sometimes later but always when the moment is right in their own personal development. You will meet women from all backgrounds and walks of life, and a variety of relationship styles and orientations: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, married, divorced, dating, single, polyamorous, monogamous, and more!

Some common factors in the women who choose to do this work include:

  • The feeling on being on a personal, life-long journey — many women come to this work having already done therapy, coaching, 12-Step, spiritual seeking, yoga, meditation or other spiritual paths
  • Wanting to overcome long-term patterns of scarcity and deprivation — not only sexually, but also emotionally and financially
  • Being in a service role and wanting to be able to help others — many Fire Women are therapists, teachers, nutritionists, social workers, coaches etc. Sometimes, the thing that motivates them to work on their own sexuality is realizing they need to be better equipped when their clients bring up sexual issuesand the fact that they spend so much time caring for others.
  • Being a mother and wanting to model healthy sexuality for one’s kids
  • Struggling with low libido and confusion about desire
  • Difficulty with communication in sex and relationships
  • Wanting to open up more and surrender during sex
  • Wanting to feel free, empowered and whole

What people are saying…

“Just being in a community of women and learning about their experiences and what’s possible has been really eye-opening!”

“Just do it! Just jump in because it changed everything!”

“I’ve had some sexual trauma and this program has helped me reframe the context of a lot of my experiences.”

“Amy Jo’s program surprised me in the depth of growth that I experienced. Not only did I explore and expand my sexual self, but I also felt tremendous shifts and deepening in my spiritual self as these two parts of me came into liberating and intense alignment. The synergy, and mutual respect of these two parts of me coming together feels crazy erotic in ways I didn’t know would be erotic at all. Everything inside of me has grown and become more spacious. I’m so amazed by that. I’m so grateful to have had this sacred space, the company, the encouragement, and the modeling of very powerful women and teachers to learn from on my path.”


“I have always lived my life from a place of shame and guilt. I’ve had this ingrown sense of not belonging, of being on the outside looking in, which never left me space for acknowledging my sexuality at all. This work has given me a chance to work on all facets of myself, my voice, my feelings toward my body, my desire, my emotions, all of it! I’ve been able to focus on myself, and it’s given me the ability to see myself as a sexual being. This work has really helped me so much.”


“Going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage, I thought it would take me years to attract the kind of partner I really wanted. But I decided to do this program and commit myself fully to this process. The work I’ve done on myself through this course, to understand my body and build my sexual energy, has been revolutionary and I found an incredible lover. Understanding that I am in charge of my orgasm, and being able to attract a skilled lover, has been huge. I find amazing release in my orgasms now, an incredible expansiveness in pleasure and sex that I did not think was possible for me — but at age 44 I found it and I’m so grateful.”


Who is the Fire Woman?

She knows this is important work. She’s no stranger to self-transformation– she knows she is on a life journey and values each step that has brought her to where she is now. Now she’s ready to honor her sexuality in a deeper way.

She is ready for change. Ready to let go of old hurts she may have carried for a long time, or that may be woven into her family line and herstory. She’s ready to burn through old patterns. An urgency drives her to heal wounds, to release what needs to be released, to change her experiences of sexuality, relationships and intimacy in a deep way. She knows that much more awaits her.

She wants MORE! She feels the call of her sexual self within her and longs to express the pleasure, ecstasy and power within. She wants to find and release her sexual voice, to ask for what she wants from a place of assurance and ease. She knows this would radically change her experience in relationships. She knows her sexuality is a source of her power. She wants to find the missing piece and integrate it into who she is in the world.

The Fire Woman steps into her full power, takes control of her life and shifts everything. She burns some of it, she stokes the fires of her own desire, and she lights up the passion that is inside of her, waiting for the space to burn brightly. She comes home to her true self.

If you have read this far, you ARE that Woman on Fire.

What This Program Is

The Fire Woman virtual coaching program is a 9-month curriculum based on A’magine’s groundbreaking book Woman On Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence. In this program, you have the opportunity to deeply explore your sexuality with A’magine’s guidance and the support of our vibrant community of women. It’s one thing to read a book. It’s another thing to have the author herself teach you the concepts and be available to answer your questions. This is a phenomenal opportunity to work with a master teacher who has been a leader in the field of sexuality for over 25 years.

This work is for women who are eager and excited to make this commitment to growing their sexuality, and who are ready to dive deep into this transformational work. This is a program for women who are an enthusiastic “YES” to more pleasure, intimacy, desire, passion and greater wholeness as sexual people. This is for women who have accomplished a lot, and yet, have never taken the time to fully explore, celebrate, heal and empower their sexuality. This is for women who want to love their bodies more and live more pleasurable lives. Adult women of all ages, backgrounds, relationship styles, sexual orientations and identities are welcome! We honor the diversity of our community and all women-identified and non-binary people in this program.

What This Program Is Not

Fire Woman is a group education and coaching program—it is not professional therapy. A’magine is a sexual empowerment expert with professional training in sexuality education. The work we do is very different from therapy. If you are seeking a therapist who can help you with your sexuality, check out the AASECT directory of licensed professionals.

This is deep and transformational work that includes excavating and releasing old wounds, beliefs, shame, guilt and trauma. We understand that many women have had experiences of boundary violation, assault, and/or abuse and we believe that healing work is an essential part of holistic sexual empowerment. However, our intensive programs are usually not the best fit for women who are in the immediate aftermath of a recent trauma or assault experience, as the work itself may trigger things that are not helpful if you are in a raw place around a violation.

We support women to work through their healing process at their own pace. Ultimately, it’s your decision if you are ready to dive into this work. If you would like to speak to a program coordinator before making the decision, we invite you to book a complimentary call to talk with us.

Some of A’magine’s programs are open to people of all genders, but the Fire Woman virtual coaching program is designed for women only (however you came by that identity; we welcome women of trans experience into our community).

Fire Woman does not automatically include 1-on-1 coaching; upgrades to private coaching are limited and based on our A’magine’s availability. Many women develop best with a combination of both one-to-one and group work. If you think some private work would benefit you and you understand that this is a 4-5 figure commitment, you can apply for a coaching package.

What you get:

  • Nine (9) 90-minute knowledge-packed videos exploring the 9 Elements of Sexuality as outlined in A’magine’s book – Voice, Release, Emotion, Body, Desire, Permission, Play, Home, Fire
  • Tons of handouts, worksheets and home-fun assignments you can do by yourself or with a partner
  • Three (3) live group coaching calls with A’magine (value $2000). This is your opportunity to discuss anything that comes up for you and let A’magine guide you through it
  • Bonus calls with guest experts (value $2000)

Plus get these bonuses:

Ultimate Confidence in Sex, Money & Business 6-Part Class

This 6-module audio course is designed for people who want to be more confident in sex and dating and who want that confidence to radiate outwards into other areas of their lives.

How to Have Your Best Sexual Year Yet

In this virtual workshop & ritual recording, A’magine guides you to review the 7 key areas of your sexuality and to set an intention for each one so you can create your best sexual year yet.

21 Day Pleasure Frequency Activation Audio Series

In this 21-day audio series, you’ll learn how to get back into your body, learn how to reconnect with your partner, learn how to get rid of pleasure blocks and much more. You’ll make each day more joyful during the pleasure and intimacy challenge, so that it becomes a new habit when you are complete.


We are giving you everything to create the most well-rounded, holistic, powerful, complete sexual empowerment journey you could possibly embark upon.
No one else has defined sexual empowerment in the way A’magine has. And we are giving you her unique Confidence Types work, Her Pleasure Pathwork, and her notorious New Year’s Sexuality Ritual to put you on course to completely change your relationship to your own sexual self this year.
You could not be more poised for total success!

Magnificent You

This is unusual work that most people will never do on themselves. It’s a magnificent and sometimes scary journey to embark upon. The truth is that EVERYONE needs support for their sexuality and few will ever reach out to get it. If you’ve read this far, you are right for this work. You found it for a reason.

To take your sexuality seriously enough to invest in growing it just as you would any other part of yourself is an advanced move! Just like you would pay a personal trainer or a doctor to help you with your physical well-being and fitness, and just like you would invest in a therapist to help you with your mental health, you can invest in a guide to support you with one of the most personal, confusing, and important parts of who you are: your sexuality. This is where it’s at.

We thrive on helping people develop from the inside out, say the things they’ve never said, break through the parts of themselves that feel broken and ashamed, and reconnect the parts that might feel lost. You are a sexual being from the moment you come into the world. Come on in, and let’s take a closer look. It’s fun, it’s revealing, it’s vulnerable, it’s exciting, it’s enthralling, it’s challenging and it’s time.

We welcome you to Fire Woman.

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