The Honeymoon VIP
Honey Dip Experience

Practice Radical Self-Love

VIP Honey Dip

The Honeymoon VIP Honey Dip Experience is designed for couples who are newly together, newly married or getting ready to marry/commit and want to work on the sexual part of their relationship so that it can be totally fulfilling for the long-haul.  Any couple who is excited about being together and knows that they'd like to enhance their sexual relationship will benefit greatly

Treat Yourself
The Experiance

Knowledge Is Power

We will spend time looking at what makes sex good for each of you (which is often two different things), your personal love languages, your penchant for romance, connection, flirtation, "naughtiness", and affection and what is erotically authentic for you both. We'll identify areas for exploration and provide education, skills and tools that will help you to engage those areas of exploration together.

There may be some healing and uncovering work to do first. You will learn essential sexual communication and maintanence tools that will help you throughout your relationship to keep sex on the front burner and make sure that both of you are satisfied sexually. This is a playful and experiential day, and highly educational, where you will be treated like royalty with a sensuous and decadent experience so that you can excite in the erotic possibilities of your budding relationship. You'll leave with a whole treasure chest of tools and skills that will enhance your sexual relationship for years. 


Get Honey Dipped!

Expand Your Love Knowledge together.

Couples might choose to do a VIP Experience for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They want to ritualize something special like taking their relationship to another level, deepening their sexual-spiritual connection, a healing process or some other aspect of their relationship.
  • They want to develop and expand their sexual skills and know that some personalized support would help them exponentially. They want in-person coaching on their sexual skills and approach in order to improve their sexual life.
  • They have run up against some challenges they cannot get past sexually, or they are not on the same page and need support in improving their sex life.