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The Reconnection VIP Day Experience is designed for couples who have been together for 5-15 years, or longer, who have lost the spark in their sexual relationship and want to get it back. It's also for couples who feel like they never really became aligned sexually and/or whose sexual relationship has never been "great".    

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Knowledge Is Sexy

Even when other aspects of a relationship are satisfying, the sexual aspect can need some tuneing up. Any couple who has been together for a while and longs for an opportunity to shut out the world and reconnect in a meaningful intimate way will benefit from the Reconnection VIP Day.It's a day to reconnect by being curious, listening in a deep way, and honoring the intimate connection you have with one another. You will leave this day feeling recharged, in touch with your sexual connection, and ready to relate with one another in a more passionate, powerful and sexy way.  

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Couples might choose to do a VIP Experience for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They want to ritualize something special like taking their relationship to another level, deepening their sexual-spiritual connection, a healing process or some other aspect of their relationship.
  • They want to develop and expand their sexual skills and know that some personalized support would help them exponentially. They want in-person coaching on their sexual skills and approach in order to improve their sexual life.
  • They have run up against some challenges they cannot get past sexually, or they are not on the same page and need support in improving their sex life.