7 Tips Sexual Empowerment Course for Busy Adults

Free sexual empowerment course that’s custom made for busy people. 7 days, 2 minutes per day and easily applied to everyday life and relationships.

January 11, 2022
Sexual Empowerment

This is an Initiation

This week I called together the many women from many different intensive programs I have taught over the years because I wanted to see them.

I wanted to look into their eyes.

I wanted to be with them.

And we dropped in deep because that’s what we do.

Right now, many people are feeling super vulnerable, scared, lonely, afraid or uncertain. Our emotional states are running the full gamut.

I feel calm in this time and I feel able to give to others. I’m grateful for that because not everyone is in that space.

I know people are scared and managing depression and loneliness. 

Some are managing hunger and other really difficult things. 

We are all being humbled as residents of Mother Earth.

Here’s what I know: Coronavirus is happening because we have been so busy moving, doing and forgetting what’s important, that the universe needed to find a very big way to remind us.

We get to wake up because we have been living in the Matrix for a long long time.

We have been so caught up in our modern living and in technology, disconnected from ourselves and from each other (often because we are so focused on technology) that the universe has thrown us into space with ourselves where technology is the life spring through which we maintain our connection with others and the way that we can show love right now.

And we get to learn that we want more than that.

As my friend, Joanna Lindenbaum, said on the Human Love Cocoon: whatever was happening in your life before this hit is what you are confronted with right now.

There’s nothing happening right now that wasn’t happening already. This is just an opportunity to look at it much more closely.

So if you were disconnected from yourself, if you were wrapped up in alcohol or substance use, if you were in an abusive relationship, if you were deeply unhappy in your life, if you were not loving yourself, if you were angry, if you were frustrated with your work life, then right now, all of that is being brought forward in service of you breaking through it and doing something different.

We all have an opportunity right now to walk through the fire because this is indeed an initiation. 

This week, Sophia Wise One talked about the fact that one of the ways we are initiated is through illness and through isolation. 

Many cultures have practices that acknowledge illness and isolation as ways to speed up our own growth and consciousness.

You might remember that in November and December of last year I got very very ill. I faced my own mortality. I looked hard at my life and what is not working. And it lit a fire in me to do some things differently.

I feel like that happened when it did to prepare me for this moment so I could be in service to humanity in a greater way.

Illness and isolation/solitude are, and have been, ways many different cultures have given people space to explore themselves and know themselves in a much deeper way throughout time.

Think of the way a vision fast occurs where a person goes deep into nature to just be, while fasting from food and water, so that visions come, alone, in deprivation and solitude, away from the everyday workings of the world.

Right now we are all on the mountain in our own vision fasts, in our cocoons, hopefully talking to God, the Universe, the Goddess, Spirit, Creator, Source, whatever you like to call it.

opefully we are each taking this time to talk to our higher selves and to listen to the guidance being given.

To be creative and to deepen our listening.

To see what we are being shown.

We can be upset about it. We get to have our feelings. There’s a collective grief that’s happening right now.

And we also get to move through it and not get stuck in it…we feel it, and feel it deeply, and then create something beautiful out of it.

This is a universal crossroads and right now we have a choice: We can choose to numb ourselves with alcohol, food, television or other means of escape like continuing to overwork. Or we can give ourselves a break and slow down. We can pause and take stock of our lives.

We get to simplify. What a gift.

Use this time right now or squander it.

You can use this time to reflect, to write, to create, to journal and to ask yourself how you are living.

You get to take stock of your life and look at how you’ve been living and relating, and what you’ve been using your time and energy for. You can get very clear whether this is what your life was made for.

You get to plan for your next chapter, while remembering that this is a chapter right now. How you do this chapter will lay the foundation and make all the difference in the world for what you get to do next.

What will make you happy?

Because you get to have it right now.

It does not require leaving your house.

You get to find your own internal reserves and you get to give them to yourself and your beloveds.

You get to know that no matter what, you are loved and you are valuable.

You get to decide how you want to live this one precious life that you have.



7 Tips Sexual Empowerment Course for Busy Adults

Free sexual empowerment course that’s custom made for busy people. 7 days, 2 minutes per day and easily applied to everyday life and relationships.

A’magine, formerly Amy Jo Goddard is author of Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence and co-author of the best-selling classic Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men. She earned her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education at New York University and has been teaching and speaking about feminism and sexuality for over two decades.


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