V.I.P Individual Play Days

Practice Radical Self-Love

Individual Play Days

Based on A’magine's " Elements of a Sexually Empowered Life," individual VIP days zero in on what's holding you back from what you truly want sexually and in your intimate relationships. We excavate and ritualize the parts that aren't working so you can make room for the sexual person you want to be. This is a transformational day for you to be pampered, challenged, educated, and celebrated, where we approach your sexuality as the Very Important Part of you that it truly is. Is the couples link going to scroll down?  Also, why are you using Red for that section? Red is not in our color palette. Can we please stick to it. I think one of the blues or purple would be fine here. Or even the gold. Our colors are too all over the place, we have enough we are already working with..

Treat Yourself
The Experiance

Ignite Your Inner Flame

For some women, that means working on your relationship to your body, learning more about sexual pleasure and how to experience more ecstasy, and/or unlearning harmful emotional patterns that keep you in a deprived sexual state or believing you will never have the sexual relationship you deeply desire.

It might mean looking at your authentic desires and erotic leanings, getting clear about what they are, and developing skills to clearly communicate your own desires without feeling shame or guilt about them. It might mean healing a past sexual wound that has been holding you back from full sexual expression, exploration, experience and enjoyment.

We will touch on all 9 elements, creating space to move into having the pleasure, sex, intimacy and sexual expression you truly desire. Allowing you to be more authenticly you in the world, as well as in the bedroom. This is a life-changing experience that allows any woman to step into her full power and agency so that she can do anything she desires in her life.

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Expand Your Love Knowledge

Individuals might choose to do a VIP Experience for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They want to do some deep healing and move beyond past shame/trauma that is getting in the way of their intimate life. That might mean healing a past sexual wound that has been holding you back from full sexual expression, exploration, experience and enjoyment.
  • They want to ritualize something special like connecting to a new part of themself, marry themself, deepen their sexual-spiritual connection, a healing process or some other aspect of their sexuality/gender expression.
  • They want to dive into totally new territory and want to learn how to do it safely and expertly, like kink, power exchange (dominance/submission/top/bottom), group sex, sexual ritual, polyamory/open relating, or other new exciting things
  • They want to have a new sexual experience in a sacred and safe container that can hold them so they can let go.

Our Roadmap

Act 1

Fire & Play

Act 2

Body & Home

Act 3

Desire & Release

Act 4

Emotion & Permission